Young Adult


Young Adult

With centuries old houses and above ground cemeteries, not much separates the living from the dead in New Orleans, something Madison Fuller is about to find out the hard way. 

When Madison’s parents announce they are getting a divorce and selling the house, resident ghost, seven-year-old Knox, shows himself, telling her he believes they share a common bond –– they are both angry with their parents. 

As Knox appears more frequently, it becomes evident his mother is trapped in an emotional vortex within the home. After Madison learns that a spirit will often haunt a place when they have unresolved issues, she and her friends consult a Ouija board for answers. When the Ouija board spells out the word “cemetery”, the girls begin combing through historical archives to see if they can find out why.

What they uncover is the tale of two burials in a segregated cemetery in the deep South. In order for Knox and his mother to find peace and move on, Madison and her friends must convince a cemetery owner to get rid of the chain-link fence used to divide the white section of the cemetery from the black section and to rid the cemetery forever of this ghost of Jim Crow.